What is Simple Living?

Simple Living, Minimalism, Modern Homesteading—whatever you call it—here is a place for discussion and action.  We have monthly programs, and the group will decide on future meetings, topics, and speakers.  Join us to learn and to add your knowledge and ideas to the group.


Upcoming topics


Lymphatic Drainage

Healthcare in the North Country

Frugal tips for saving money

Real Food

Declutter and Spring Cleaning (March 2024)

Handouts and Books to Help

Declutter by ItemKeep the Memories, Lose the Stuff book cover

Places to donate Items

E-Recycling at Staples

Getting Rid of Electronics

Proper Disposal of Electronic Devices

Hazardous Waste Collection (items not dates)

V2V Thrift Store Handout

Getting Ready to Downsize

Book list:  Decluttering and Downsizing

Starting a Garden (April 2024)


Preparing a Vegetable Garden Site (UNH Extension Office) poster of vegetables

Companion Planting Guide (Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening)

Jumping Worms (UNH Extension Office)




Container Gardening (May 2024)


Down & Dirty Notesplanter of herbs

UNH Extension: Growning Vegetables in Containers

Vegetable Container Gardening for Beginners (Farmer's Almanac) - Includes varieties to try

Local Greenhouses List

Water Bath Canning (June 2024)

Slides from presentation  jar of jam

Recipe for Strawberry jam



Garden Pests and Weeds (July 2024)

Useful books and phone apps