Can I get a Library Card?

Since the library is supported by local tax dollars, the following people may obtain a library card, free of charge:

  • Residents of Bethlehem
  • Employees of Bethlehem businesses, including teachers at Bethlehem Elementary and Profile School
  • Owners of land in Bethlehem
  • Students of Profile School, regardless of town of residency (must renew every year)
  • Seasonal residents (those who own property but live here only part of the year)

Residents of nearby towns may pay for a non-resident card.   Annual cost is $75.

We do not currently offer a temporary card for vacationers.  However, everyone can attend programs, browse our collection, and sit and read all day, free of charge!

How to Apply

Two ways to get a card:

Come to the library

Bring a driver's license.  If your license does not have your physical Bethlehem address, then please bring something that does show your address (utility bill, rent agreement, tax bill, etc.)

Apply online

Online applications are good for two months.  During that time, we ask that you come into the library so we can meet you.

Click here to apply