Can I get a Library Card?

Since the library is supported by local tax dollars, the following people may obtain a library card, free of charge:

  • Residents of Bethlehem
  • Employees of Bethlehem businesses, including teachers at Bethlehem Elementary and Profile School
  • Owners of land in Bethlehem
  • Students of Profile School, regardless of town of residency, good until the student graduates
  • Seasonal residents (those who own property but live here only part of the year)

Residents of nearby towns may pay for a non-resident card.   Annual cost is $75.

We do not currently offer a temporary card for vacationers.  However, everyone can attend programs, browse our collection, and sit and read all day, free of charge!

How to Apply

Two ways to get a card:

Come to the library

Bring a driver's license.  If your license does not have your physical Bethlehem address (not a PO Box), then please bring something that does show your address (utility bill, rent agreement, tax bill, etc.)

Start the process online

You can apply for a card online, through our card catalog.  We will then mail the application to you to complete and sign.  You return it to us with a photocopy of your ID.

Online library card request