Thank you for thinking of us!

The Bethlehem Public Library encourages and appreciates gifts and donations intended to strengthen the library collection.  The library accepts gifts of books and other materials with the understanding that they will be added to the collection only if appropriate and needed. If they are not needed, the Library Director can dispose of them as he/she sees fit.  Donors should request a meeting with the Library Director if considering a significant donation.

(excerpt from Collection Development Policy, adopted February, 2020)

Yes, please!

Hardcover fiction (recently published or classics)

Non-fiction books (published in last five years)

Paperback books

Travel books (current year only)

Audio books on CD   (Must be operable and include case with artwork)

DVDs   (Must be operable and include case with artwork)

Gently used children’s books

Sorry, No

Textbooks or any non-fiction book that could be considered a textbook, or has outdated information

Audio books on cassette

VHS tapes



Leftovers from book sales (if you bought it from us, please don’t return it!)


Encyclopedia sets

Reader’s Digest Condensed Books


Books stored in basements or attics; Items that are moldy or mildewed (brown spots), badly stained, water damaged, extensive highlighting or notes, broken spines, or otherwise damaged items.