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Building Committee Members:

John Starr – Chairman

Bruce Brown – Vice-Chairman

Joyce Tucker – Secretary

Len Grubbs - Treasurer

Russ Bonnevie

Laura Clerkin

Cheri Compton

Gene Girdwood

Doug Harman

Paul Higginson

Alan Jackson

Meeting Minutes:

January 19, 2012

Members Present:  Doug Harman (Chair- Library Board of Trustees), Dan Tucker (Trustee), Joyce Tucker (Trustee & Building Committee Member),  Paul  Higginson (Building Committee),  Ben Woo (Vice-Chair, Trustees),  Patricia Bonardi ( Trustee), Yvonne Claffey (Trustee), Bruce Brown (Vice – Chair – Building Committee), John Starr (Chair – Building Committee), Alan Jackson (Building Committee),  David Van Houten (Building Committee), Laura Clerkin (Librarian and Building Committee), and Cheryl Compton (Assistant  Librarian and Building Committee), Russ Bonnevie (Trustee and Building Committee),

Joint meeting between Library Trustees and Building Committee commenced at 7:05 PM.

Doug Harman opened the meeting by advising that the new library site will be the Maplehurst property, Main St, Bethlehem.  The Board of Selectmen are behind the new site.  Friends of the Library have commenced a capital campaign to raise additional funds over the $1.6 million approximate amount that the Library Trustees have received to date. 

Doug advised that Jack Anderson needs to know how the Trustees/Building Committee want the site left after demolition of the hotel building.  After discussion, it was decided that debris should be removed from the site (concrete, building materials).  Foundation rocks can be piled up on site and left as they may be used for landscaping later.   Site should be left level and without any holes.

Warrant article:  Doug advised that in March 2003 the townspeople approved a warrant article to sell the Maplehurst  property.  The Board of Trustees have drafted a warrant article to rescind the 2003 vote and  allow the library to be built on the Maplehurst lot.   It will be on the 2012 town ballot.  Bruce Brown asked if the town has clear title to the Maplehurst property and Doug advised that the town does have clear title.

It was asked how much land the Maplehurst property has.  (Answer – approx. 3.8 acres.) 

No decision has been made on what part of the Maplehurst property that the library should be built.  No final decision has been made on how much land the new library will require. 

John Starr asked about the cleanliness of the Maplehurst lot.  Doug advised that the soil has been tested and there are no pollutants in the soil.  All is clean except where the Old Maplehurst hotel building sits.

Doug did advise that the town has to do work on the lot to equal a percentage of the grant money to fulfill grant requirements.  The town highway crew has cut down trees and will do further work on the land. 

Bruce advised that the architects and engineers will help the building committee/trustees with site questions.

Russ advised that the trustees are looking at an approximate 1 story ,  8000 square foot building, built on slab. 

There was discussion on Leed requirements and was decided that the board did not wish to spend the funds for Leed certification.  The Building can be built to Leed standards . All did agree that the building should be made as energy efficient as possible so that operating costs as low as possible.

John advised with a fixed sum to build the building that an architect has 2 areas in which to adjust depending on that this committee desires.   They are: 1. Building Size and 2. Quality of construction.

The Trustees  advised that they would like to see the building committee interview for architects and contractors.  (The past committee was very happy Dennis Mires  Associates but would like to explore all possibilities.  ) Mires will be one of the firms asked to interview.    Other firms that will be invited to look at the building project are: Banwell, EH Danson, Roger Dignard, Lavalle Brensinger. 

Construction mangers that will be asked to interview are: Dan Hebert, BPS, Breadloaf.   Others under consideration are: Bauen, Baybutt, EF Wall, Engelberth, HP Cummings, Dennis Laferriere, North Branch, Trumbull Nelson.    

Members of the building committee recommended that a Clerk of the Works be hired to oversee the construction of the new library building.

Joyce advised that building committee members need to be reappointed.  A letter needs to be drafted to the Select Board for approval. 

Next meeting will be held on February 20th – 7 PM at the Library.

Bruce Brown made motion to adjourn at 9:02 PM.  Alan Jackson seconded the motion.  Motion to adjourn passed unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Tucker

February 20, 2012

Members present: John Starr, Paul Higginson, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Gene Girdwood, David Van Houten,  Alan Jackson, Joyce Tucker*, Doug Harman*, Russ Bonnevie*

(*Library Trustee members who also sit on the building committee)

Trustee Present:  Dan Tucker

Also Present: Bethlehem Fire Chief Jack Anderson

Meeting commenced at 7:02 PM

Doug Harmon made the motion to accept the January meeting minutes as written.  Laura seconded the motion.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

John Starr presented three contract bid options for the board to consider.  Option #1 is the Design, Bid, and Build.  The architect would project the costs.  The low bid contractor would try to build to the architects projected costs.  The disadvantage is that there could be disagreements between the architect and contractor.  Option #2 is to hire a construction manager.  The construction manager would work closely with the architect on construction costs.  The construction manager then puts the various portions of the contract out to bid.  The construction manager does have a target cost in mind when reviewing the bids.  Option #3  Design/Build.  Hire a contractor to build the building not to exceed a certain sum.  The disadvantage to this plan is that the building owner does not own the design or plans.  The contractor owns them.   After considerable discussion, the Building Committee elected to go with the construction manager plan by unanimous vote. 

Alan Jackson asked if the Jobin Trust Funds have been accepted by the town.  Joyce advised that the library trustees have held two public meetings to accept the funds.

Dan Tucker suggested that a Select Board Member be added to the Building Committee so the Select Board may kept informed of our progress.  Dan also advised that the Building Committee will need to work closely with the Select Board.

David Van Houten asked if the project would go out to bid as required.  (Note: All projects over $1500 need to go out to bid.)  The answer is yes…the project would go out to bid.

Fire Chief Jack presented an overview of the Maplehurst demolition project.   There is approximately 288’ of road frontage on Main St to Elm St.   The project did not get down to undisturbed soil so additional digging may need to be done.  No contamination was found on the Maplehurst site.  Jack did propose a road from Main ST to the ball fields.   Dan advised that a road has to have a 50’ right of way. Cheri asked Jack if he checked with the state, re: will they allow an additional access of the road to the ball field? Gene Girdwood advised that the library will have to get a driveway permit from the state for our driveway.   It was mentioned that the state may not grant 2 accesses from Main St.  Jack advised that the demolition was held up by the NH State Historical unit….but  issues have now been resolved.  The library will contain a 6’ display of the Maplehurst history on site.  Jack projects that the demolition of the Maplehurst will go out to bid in May.  The bid specs have already been prepared and will be available on the town web site shortly.  Jack advised that the archeological engineer has not signed off on the project yet.  Jack is working on that process.   State wants to dig down further.  The digs ranged in depth from 3’ to 20’.  The grant expires in September 2012.   Jack expects the building to be down by September.

John will contact 3 architects firms: Banwell, Dennis Mires, and Danson to show them the lot.  The building committee will have an opportunity to meet the architects and interview them.  Other firms that may be interviewed are Black River Design,  Christopher Hodge, David Bonhag* (misspelled?) Mr. Bonhag designed the new Lebanon Library.

Gene advised that a construction manager should be hired and brought on board soon after hiring the architect so construction manager can be on board the project from the onset.

Russ made the motion to adjourn. Paul seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker

March 19, 2012

Members Present:  John Starr, Bruce Brown, Joyce Tucker, Alan Jackson, Paul Higginson, Gene Girdwood, Russ Bonnevie, Doug Harman, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin

Guests: Debra Beard, Dave Wiley

Meeting commenced at 7:03 PM

Purpose of Meeting was for the Committee Members to meet  the 3 architectural firms the committee is interviewing for the Library Building Project.   (Note: John Starr toured the Maplehurst site with all 3 firms on 3/19/12…so they would be familiar with the site.)

Firm #1 – Dennis Mires PA of Manchester, NH.  Present were Dennis Mires and his partner, John Urdi. (Note:  Mires was the firm that was selected by the original building committee approx 10 years ago.)

Dennis Mires presented an overview of his firm.  Mires have been in business for 32 years and have 8 people working for the firm.  If selected, Dennis Mires and John Urdi will both be involved with our project.  They have experience with LEED and energy efficient buildings.

Dennis Mires advised that this firm has experience in both building libraries and historic preservation. Dennis advised that the building façade should reflect the buildings in the neighborhood.   

When asked about the lot, Dennis advised that the lot has good southern exposure.   The lot does slope away from the highway.   Cost will depend on what part of the lot the library will be situated. 

Dennis Mires did state that a construction manager should be hired soon after hiring the architect so the construction manager can be involved early in the project. 

Dennis will use the Patience Kinney Jackson report to graph the inside of the library. 

Alan Jackson asked Dennis if they have engineers and contractors the Mires firm who the Mires firm prefers to work.  Bruce Brown stated that it is important that whoever is involved with the Bethlehem Library project understand the North Country climate etc.

Russ Bonnevie asked Dennis Mires where he would suggest the library be sited.   Dennis advised that the portion of the lot closest to the street would have the lowest construction cost because there would not be issues with the grade.  This lot, however, is not as difficult as the gazebo site. 

Doug asked if $1.6 M would cover the cost to build an 8,000 square foot building.  Dennis indicated that 7,000 square foot building might be more affordable.

Bruce asked if the construction climate is still good.  Dennis advised that it is.  However, material and labor costs are increasing.

 John asked the Dennis if they have an RFP form.  John Urdi advised that he will send a form to John.

Firm #2: Banwell Architects of Lebanon, NH.  Jules Chateau, architect.

Jules advised that Banwell is an 8 person firm founded in 1960.  It is a 3rd generation family business.  There are 6 technical staff, 1 book keeper, and 1 office manager.

Jules advised that the firm actively listens to the client.  They have good listening skills and take careful notes.   The Banwell firm approaches building design as a problem solving exercise.  They like meeting frequently with clients.  Producing a building that works is their key objective. 

Banwell designs energy efficient buildings which are easy to maintain.   They have completed 14 bio mass buildings.     They are currently involved in the Grafton County project.

Banwell has had good experience with builders in this area.

Banwell also recommended hiring a construction manager early in the hiring process. 

Bruce asked who Banwell likes to use for mechanical and electrical systems.

Jules advised for mechanical engineers, they like to use Yeaton Associates in Littleton, NH, Shumway in Laconia, NH or Pearson Associates of Stowe, VT.

Jules advised for structural engineers they recommend: Jeff Tirey of Littleton, NH, Bruce Stewart of Barnet, VT, Tim Hardy, Engineering Ventures of Burlington, VT and Lebanon, NH, and AGB Engineering of North Conway.

Alan asked about a pellet system for a 7000 to 8000 square foot library.  Jules advised that Bio Mass is not a good fit for our library because our square footage is too small.

Banwell designed the Jefferson Library Building (which was not built because taxpayers did not fund it.) Jules handed out an outline with color photos of the Jefferson project.  The Jefferson project was approximately 6500 square feet.

Firm #3:  EH Danson of St. Johnsbury, VT represented by Roy Ward.

EH Danson was founded in 1987 and has a staff of 4-5 employees.  They don’t specialize in any specific area.  Local projects they completed were the Sovereign Project, Littleton Coin Co, Court House Building in St. Johnsbury, the Health and Human Services Building in ST. Johnsbury, and the renovation of the Norwich University Library.    EH Danson works with municipalities frequently and understands the process. 

Roy advised that they build their projects with energy efficiency in mind to keep operating costs as low as possible.  EH Danson likes to meet frequently with clients and believes that communication is the key to succes


Gene asked how EH Danson comes up with operation costs estimates.   Roy advised that they do energy operation costs estimates based on building temperature (for heating and cooling costs)   and estimate approximate electrical/lighting use. 

Bruce asked about engineering firms EH Danson uses.  Roy advised they use Jeff Tirey of Littleton for structural engineering, Mechanical:  Yeaton Associates of Littleton, WB(?) of Keene, NH and Pearson & Associates of Stowe, VT. 

Joyce asked who EH Danson would recommend for a construction manager.  Roy advised they like Trumbull/Nelson, MacMillian, and Bread Loaf. 

Laura advised that Chris Hodge of Easton, NH is interested in the Bethlehem Library project.  Mr. Hodge oversaw the Franconia Library expansion project.

Roy advised that EH Danson was involved in renovation projects for the Pope Library in Danville and the Island Pond, VT Library. 

Doug asked about Roy’s impression of the Maplehurst site.   Roy said it is good that the site has ready access to water and sewer.  He recommended keeping the building at 1 story.  Roy advised that the site might have some drainage issues.

Bruce asked if there would be any steel in the building.  Roy answered probably not.  He would recommend wood or concrete forms.

After the architects departed, John asked the committee if the committee was satisfied with the architects that attended this evenings meeting.  Consensus is that the committee did not wish to interview more architectural firms. 

John Starr asked George Brodeur if he would be interested in being the owner representative on the library building project and George is interested.  (George was involved with the Littleton High School addition/renovation and with the Littleton Hospital Doctors office expansion project.)    George will be able to assist with the design and mechanical layouts. 

Alan asked what the lot will look like after demolition.  John advised the site will be graded with no open holes left on the site.

Next building committee meeting will be held on April 16th at 7 PM at the library.

With no further business to discuss, Eugene Girdwood made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Bruce Brown seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:46 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker

April 16, 2012

Committee reviewed the RFP for Architectectual/Engineering Services.

May 21, 2012

Members present: Gene Girdwood Doug Harman, Joyce Tucker, John Starr, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Russ Bonnevie, Alan Jackson, Paul Higginson, Bruce Brown

Architects comparison was discussed.  (See attached.)  The proposals are fairly similar. 

John advised that the committee needs to think of questions to ask the architects at the May 30th meeting.  Schedule will be 5:00 PM – Dennis Mires, 6:00 PM Danson, and 7:00 PM Banwell.  John will contact all firms to advise meeting date and interview schedule.  John suggested that interviews be approximately 45 minutes with a 15 minute committee discussion to follow each interview.  Architect selection will follow the final interview.

After the architect is selected, the committee will need to interview and select a construction manager.  It will be asked of the selected architect which firms he would recommend to the committee.

John suggested that the construction manager should also be a general contractor.

Before the next meeting, some architect references will be checked by committee members.  Joyce will contact Keene State College Library and Norwich Univeristy Library.  Paul Higginson will contact Vermont Technical College in Randolph, VT.  Russ will contact Jackson Public Library and Island Pond Public Library.  Laura will contact Pope Memorial Library in Danville, VT and the Weeks Memorial Library in Lancaster.

Some suggested questions to ask: 

1. How was the architect firm to work with? Were they responsive and did they listen well to building committee concerns?

2. Would you have done anything differently?

3. Were the architects there when you needed them?

4. What went right?

5. What went wrong?

Joyce asked if the committee had additional questions for the libraries or questions the committee would like to ask the architects to forward them to her and she will distribute to all members.

Question for the architects:

1.      How often to you plan to be on site?

2.      Will the construction cost include furniture and fixtures?

3.      How often will the structural engineer be on site?

John mentioned that George Brodeur is interested in the Clerk of the Works position.  Cost is $60 per hour.

With no further business on the agenda, Alan made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Bruce seconded the motion.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker


May 30, 2012

Members Present:  John Starr, Bruce Brown, Russ Bonnevie, Doug Harman, Joyce Tucker, Alan Jackson, Laura Clerkin, Cheri Compton, Paul Higginson, Gene Girdwood

Project Clerk of the Works: George Brodeur

Agenda:  Interview 3 Architectural Firms and make decision on which firm best meets the project’s needs.

Meeting commenced at 6 PM.

Firms that were interviewed: Dennis Mires Architects, Banwell Architects, and EH Danson.  Each firm was given up to 45 minutes to make a presentation with a 15 minute break following the presentation.

The Mires was first firm to be interviewed because they are located in Manchester, NH. 

The Mires firm (represented by Dennis Mires and John Urdi):  Their concept would be of a former hotel theme and is do able on 1 floor.  They were thinking a stone base, shingle form with some gables.  Laura advised that she would like a space with movable furniture, adequate meeting room space, comfortable seating and stack heights limited to give the library staff full view of the facility.  When asked about the projected project cost, Dennis Mires advised that 8000 square feet would cost from $1.4 to $1.6 million. 7000 square feet could cost between $1.225 million and $1.4 million. Building cost would run between 176 and $200 per square foot.   Owner contingency is figured at 5%.  This would compute to approximately $70,000.   Furniture and fixtures are figured on $10 to $15 per square foot.  (Quotes based on 8,000 square feet building size , furniture cost would be approximately $96,000.  Dennis advised that the site could have issues and additional stability testing might be necessary.  Should this be the case, it might be more realistic to reduce building size to 7,000 square feet.

George Brodeur asked about internet connectivity from the Maplehurst site.  Doug advised that a T1 line runs right by the property.  Dennis Mires recommended that the building have WFi.  Laura advised that the current library is WFi. 

George asked about Geo Thermal heat.  Dennis advised that they use Wayne Fillion of Yeaton Associates to look at heating options.  Russ advised that the Jackson Library has radiant geo thermal heating and it seems to work well.

Alan asked about ceiling height.  Dennis advised building could have various ceiling heights  9 – 12 feet.

When asked about availability, Dennis advised that they would come to the site as needed.  They are always available by phone or internet. 

When asked about additional billable costs, Mires advised that photos are digital so cost is minimal.  They do not charge for mileage, meals,  phone.

Interview #2:      Banwell Architects:  Represented by Jules Chatot and Miccal McMullan.

Russ Bonnevie asked what style of building would you be thinking about for the Bethlehem Library? Miccal started the interview by stating that he likes Bethlehem and finds its architecture interesting. Banwell Architects would be looking to make a building that relates to the neighborhood surroundings and be inclusive of the town’s rich history.  They would put together a building the public could support.

Gene Girdwood asked how soon in the process would Banwell start thinking about energy costs.   Jules said energy costs start early in the process.  This would include heating/air conditioning, materials for roofs and walls, and continuing operation costs.

Laura Clerkin asked what their experience has been in designing 21st century libraries.    Jules- Banwell is currently doing work on the Lebanon Middle School Library.   

Doug Harman asked if the library project was doable at $1.6 million.  Jules said the budget was realistic.

Doug asked if Banwell would provide any support at town meetings.  Jules said they would support the building committee.

Bruce Brown asked how Banwell would site the building.  Jules – Library facade will be aligned with other buildings in the neighborhood.  Banwell uses DeWollfe Engineers which would use a landscape designer to assist with site lay out.

John Starr asked if Banwell was thinking of wood frame or if they were thinking of metal frame.  Jules – wood frame. 

John asked if Banwell was thinking of metal roof or asphalt shingle roof.  Jules – asphalt shingle with good warranty.

John asked about a sprinkler system.  Jules asked if it was required.  Jules said it did have some benefits to decreasing insurance cost.  

Jules added:  Quiet areas of building would need special attention.  Care would have to be taken with sun glare and location of computer terminals.  

John asked if there was any unknowns?  Does the library need to do additional borings?  Jules said that could be a possibility, but right now the material looks good.   

John asked if Banwell would be on site weekly.  Jules said it would depend on what is going on.  It is good to keep an eye on the project and answer questions.

Jules said Banwell would consider multiple renderings of the same building as extra cost. 

Interview #3: EH Danson – Roy Ward

Russ asked what Roy envisioned the outside of the building to look like.  Roy answered it was too soon to answer that question….but the building should look like it has always been in Bethlehem and part of the community.

Paul Higginson asked what the greatest challenge will be.  Roy….The biggest challenge is the site.  It has a 30’ drop from the front to the back of the property.  How to handle water on the site will be an issue.

Gene asked at what point in the project does EH Danson start looking at energy costs?  Roy advised energy costs are part of the programming phase.  They bring in the mechanical engineers to look at heating/cooling costs. 

Laura asked about the layout of the library.  Roy answered that it needs to be a collaboration of spaces. 

Doug asked if $1.6 Million will be enough to do the project.  Roy – yes.  Especially, if the building stays at 1 story.

Roy added that they have an excellent reputation and are in the North Country.  They have completed library renovations. 

George Brodeur added that library IT accessibility should be readily available and that on line learning should be a part of this plan.

Bruce asked if fill will need to be brought into the site.  Roy added if it the building is pushed too far back from the street, the potential for water issues increases.  The street side has southern exposure and the best light.

Comments from Roy:  Sprinklers are not required unless the building exceeds 8200 feet, however, he does advocate sprinkler installation.  Cost $5.00 per foot on average/$40,000 for an 8000 square foot building.  Wood siding is not as durable as fiber cement. Stone & Masonry are the most long lasting.  Insulated Concrete forms are good. 

Roy said he would visit site once per week.  Roy would assist in the interview and recommendations of construction manager firms.  He would assist with furniture selection and landscaping.

After the Danson interview, there was much discussion and comment on the 3 firms.  After the discussion, Gene Girdwood made the motion to hire EH Danson as the Architect for the new Bethlehem Library Building.  Laura seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

John Starr will contact the firms and advise EH Danson is being awarded the contract.

Next building committee meeting will be on June 18th (Monday) at 7 PM.

Russ made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Laura seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at  approximately 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker    

June 28, 2012

Members Present:  John Starr, Russ Bonnevie, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Paul Higginson, Joyce Tucker, Alan Jackson

Clerk of the Works: George Brodeur

Meeting commenced at 7:05 PM

John Starr asked if the Architect’s contract has been signed.  Joyce said that Doug is taking care of it and it should be completed shortly.  Doug is trying to meet with the Select Board next Thursday.  (Note: After the meeting, Laura ran into selectmen’s secretary, April Hibbard. April advised that the Select Board will not meet for two weeks.  In the parking lot, Joyce and Laura ran into 3 Select Board Members: Mike Culver, Sandra Laleme, and Jerry Blanchard. They said one of them will sign the architect’s contract as the Select Board Representative.  They will be in the select board office tomorrow morning, June 29, to sign paperwork.  Joyce spoke with Doug and he will have the architect’s contract delivered to the Select Board office tomorrow for signature.)

John asked if there is office space somewhere in the town building for George Brodeur.  Laura advised that the library can be used when open.  Scanner, fax, and copier will be available to George.

George advised that he will volunteer his time to the Library Building Committee up until the start of construction.

John asked how to budget for George’s time.  George advised until the architect estimates how long it will take to construct the building, it would be impossible to estimate.  (Note: George’s fee is $60 per hour.)  George advises that he should remain on the job until a month after the building is completed.  This will give George time to check on warranties etc.

Alan asked if a dispute could arise between contractors working on the job, if George could mediate.  George advised he could mediate, if necessary.  George said all contractors will be working from the same CAD design and usually can anticipate when they might run into conflicts. Consequently, the contractors usually avoid conflicts. 

John advised that when the architect’s contract is signed, the architect can begin meeting with the building committee.  John suggested that a small committee (which includes Laura and Cheri) meet with the architect and give him a list of building wants.  From the list of wants, the architect will put together a bubble diagram and develop a floor plan.  John said to plan on, depending on the final cost, making adjustments so the building will stay within budget. 

Joyce made the motion to accept and sign George Brodeur’s contract as written.  Paul seconded the motion.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Next meeting will be held on Monday, July 16th, at 7 PM.  Roy from EH Danson will be invited to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker

July 16, 2012

Members Present: John Starr, Gene Girdwood, Alan Jackson, Russ Bonnevie, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Doug Harman, Joyce Tucker, Paul Higginson

Project Supervisor:  George Brodeur

Architect: Roy Ward (EH Danson)

Meeting commenced at 7:01 PM

Paul Higginson made the motion to accept secretary minutes as written.  Laura amended motion to include May 21st, May 30th, and June 28th minutes as written.  Russ seconded the motion to amend.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Roy Ward passed out an agenda and discussion points outline for committee members review and for committee input.  This outline included preliminary code review, proposed schedule, and discussion of possible spaces within the library.  It was decided that a subcommittee will meet with Roy on Friday – 7/20/12 at the library.  Subcommittee members are: Russ Bonnevie, Doug Harman, Joyce Tucker, Cheri Compton, and Laura Clerkin.  They will discuss a wish list with Roy and then report back to the full board.

Sprinklers were discussed.  Within a fire protected district, any non – habitational building over 8900 square feet must have a sprinkler system.   

Roy asked John about topographical map of the Maplehurst site.    John said he believed Kevin Morse is doing a map…but Kevin is out of town until August 6th.  John will check with Kevin on his return.

Roy asked if rock/concrete from the foundation is to be left in the ground.  John said he will check with Jack Anderson.  It is our preliminary understanding that it is to be removed off site.

Roy asked about Construction Manger Selection.  John advised that the committee will interview 3-6 firms and send out RFPs forms.  (The RFP forms will pin down CM fees.)  Roy has a CM RFP form which he will forward to committee.   John also advised that it is important to know which personnel from the CM firm will be assigned to our project and their individual qualifications.  Some possible CM firms mentioned were: Dan Hebert (Colebrook), Medallion (Laconia),   Coniston Construction (Laconia) HB Cummings (Woodsville), Glenn Builders (Conway),   Bonnett, Page, & Stone (Manchester) and Meridian (Laconia).

John advised that RFP form will go out to the above listed contractors.  They will also receive a description of the library project and budget. 

Next building committee meeting will be held on August 20th at 7 PM at the library.

With no further business to discuss, Alan made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Doug seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker

August 20, 2012bg

Members Present:  John Starr, Doug Harman, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Joyce Tucker, Bruce Brown, Gene Girdwood

Project Manager: George Brodeur

Meeting commenced at 7:04 PM.

Doug Harman made the motion to accept the July Secretary’s minutes as written.  Laura seconded the motion.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Construction Manager Contract:   1. After discussion, the board decided that construction manager preconstruction costs will be a fixed fee.  The preconstruction portion of the project includes setting up a preliminary budget and construction costs. The construction manager will be looking for areas where cost can be reduced. Nothing is firm until the construction manager sets the guaranteed maximum price.  When the GMP is accepted, construction may begin.    Prior to setting the GMP, a construction manager can be let go.  It is the construction manager’s duty to make sure the scope of the work is well defined.    2. RFP form the board is using is a standard form.  George recommended that the board have an attorney review the contract before signing it because the library is a municipal building project.   Gene stated the importance of reading the contract before signing to make sure the Board does not lose anything in the conditions portion of the contract.  George stated it is very important that no changes orders can be done unless the Building Committee authorizes the order. John stated that also in the contract should be a clause that the Building Committee/town may audit the contractors books, if necessary.    Bruce asked who would pay for the audit.  Doug advises that the Board of Trustees would have to pay for the audit, if one becomes necessary.  Bruce did state that an audit cost should be built into the budget.  Bruce further advised that only certain firms are recognized by the State of NH as municipal auditing firms.  The Board authorized Joyce to contact Frank Claffey  (town treasurer) to find out who audits the town books.   3.  George stated that a Release of Liens Clause should be included in the construction manager contract.    John will send the Board Members a copy of the construction manager general conditions portion of the construction manager contract to read and review.   There are no changes pending in the contract at the moment, however, John stated that the construction manager contract may be tweaked before signing.

Bruce asked who signs off on the bills that need to be paid.  Doug and John advised that the Architect approves the bill first, George approves it second, and then John and Doug approve the bill.  The bill then will be sent to Library Board of Trustee Treasurer, Len Grubbs, for payment.

Doug asked what the Board anticipates for fees in the next two months so the Library Board may budget.    It was mentioned that a payment to the architect would be coming up in September.  It is also possible that the architect may need a topographical map of the site.

With no further business to discuss, Bruce made the motion to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Gene. Adjournment was approved by unanimous vote at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker

October 1, 2012

Members Present: Paul Higginson, Joyce Tucker, Russ Bonnevie,  Doug Harman, Gene Girdwood, Alan Jackson, John  Starr,  Laura Clerkin, and Alan Jackson

Clerk of the Works: George Brodeur

Architect: Roy Ward

Meeting commenced at 7:05 PM.

Russ made the motion to accept the August Meeting Minutes as written.   Doug seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Agenda:  Construction Manager

John advised 5 firms responded to the library construction manager position RFP.  Firms were: Conneston  Construction  (Laconia, NH), HP Cummings (Woodsville NH), Dan Hebert (Colebrook, NH),  Glen Builders (Glenn NH), Meridian Construction (Gilford, NH).

The Board reviewed the responses from all 5 firms and after considerable discussion and consideration; the board narrowed the selection to two firms that they wished to interview:  Conneston Construction, and HP Cummings.  John Starr will contact both firms and ask if they will be available for interviews on Friday – October 5th at the library at 5 PM.   The firms will be asked to bring the personnel that will be assigned to the library project so the board may meet and interview them.

The Board asked architect Roy Ward if our budget would cover a 7400 square foot building.  Roy advised that in his opinion, the funds the library has available to construct the building would cover a 6000 square foot building.  (Roy based construction cost on an estimated $200 per square foot cost).  After discussion, the board asked Roy to rework the library design for 6000 square feet.

With no further business to discuss, the Doug made the motion to adjourn. Laura seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker

 Next meeting will be held: October 5th (Friday)  at the library at 5 PM to conduct construction manager interviews.

October 5, 2012

Members Present:  John Starr, Gene Girdwood, Alan Jackson,  Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Joyce Tucker,  John Starr

Clerk of the Works: George Brodeur

Architect:  Roy Ward

Agenda:  Interviews for Construction Manager Position

Meeting commenced at approximately 5:01 PM.

Two firms were interviewed for the construction manager position, Conneston Construction Inc . (Gilford, NH) and HP Cummings (Woodsville, NH).  Each interview consisted of a 45 minute presentation by each firm followed by a 15 minute question and answer session.

Conneston was interviewed at 5 PM and HP Cummings was interviewed at approximately 6:00 PM.

George stated that he wants to be present when the construction manager meets with subcontractors.  Both firms agreed, if hired, they would include George.

After considerable discussion because both firms were very well qualified, Alan made the motion to hire HP Cummings as the Construction Manager.  Cheri Compton seconded the motion.  Motion approved by unanimous vote. 

With no further business to discuss, Alan made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Gene seconded the motion.  Motion to adjourn was approved by unanimous vote.   Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker

 Next Building Committee meeting will be held on October 22nd at 7PM at the Library.

October 22, 2012

Members Present:  Doug Harman,  Russ Bonnevie,  Alan Jackson, Laura Clerkin, Cheri Compton, Gene Girdwood, Joyce Tucker

Architect Present:  Roy Ward

Project Manager present: George Brodeur

Guests: Wayne Fillion and Roger Thomas of Yeaton Associates

Doug opened the meeting by advising the committee that the building has been revised to 6100 square feet.  Roy and Doug displayed the revised library plans.  Some stacks were removed and additional seating was added. Plans are not final and are still undergoing review. 

George made the motion that the September meeting minutes be approved as written.  Gene seconded the motion.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

The meeting was turned over to Wayne Fillion and Roger Thomas of Yeaton Associates to discuss proposed heating, cooling, and electrical systems of the new building.  Mr. Fillion advised that a high efficiency gas heating system that includes coolant is the most economical and efficient system for the proposed library building.     LP Gas burns at 90% efficiency.  The heating system will be a heat pump system which will circulate air and which will blow down warm air in the cold weather months and blow down cool air in the summer months.   The conference room and meeting rooms will have their own heating and cooling system. 

It was recommended  by Yeaton Associates that the windows not be able to be opened.  The heating/cooling system as set up is able to extricate stale air and return fresh air to the library.  It was also mentioned that on a warm humid day that with windows open that moisture could migrate into the books.   Cheri asked how humidity would be controlled?  Mr. Fillion advised that an electric humidifier would be installed to take of humidity issues.  Cheri asked how do odors get removed?    Mr. Fillion advised that an energy recovery unit would be installed to remove odors.  Laura wanted to know where the vents would be located.  Mr. Fillion advised that the vents would be located high up in the trusses.

Doug asked about ceiling fans.  Mr. Fillion advised that ceiling fans would not be needed with this system. 

Additional heating systems discussed: Wood Pellet systems and geo thermal systems were discussed and the library was advised that they were not as efficient as the proposed  gas system.   Estimated system payback time is approximately 15 years on the geo thermal  and estimated payback time with the pellet system is 20 years.  The reason the payback time with pellet system is greater is because air conditioning is not part of the pellet system and would have to be installed extra.  Solar could be used to heat domestic hot water, but the library’s need for hot water would be minimal and not warrant the cost.   Joyce and Laura both asked about keeping the seating area and floor area warm for patrons.  Mr. Fillion advised that the warm air blows down and would keep the seating and floor areas warm.  Radiant heat was ruled out because the stacks need to be secured to the floor and tubing could easily be punctured.  

A question was asked about the how much noise the furnace/heating/cooling system would generate.  Mr. Fillion advised that any noise would be contained to the furnace room.

Mr. Thomas of Yeaton  Associates addressed the lighting and electrical systems.  He recommended that power be on a 240 volt system with 3 phase power.    3 phase power is what is recommended for commercial buildings.  This would give the library a 200 amp minimum and up to 400 amp maximum.

Mr. Thomas recommended T8 Lamps because they provide high performance and are energy efficient.  The bulbs use 10% less than energy codes.    Recommended lighting  is 1.3 watts per square foot for a library.  There will be manual controls/switches to control lighting.  In addition, there will be occupancy sensors and auto shut off for lights after hours.  The light monitors are included in the design.  In the parking lot and exterior, there will be LED lights.  The outside lights will come on when it becomes dark outside  – evenings and stormy days.  The egress lightning will be battery powered or operated by a generator.  There was discussion on LED vs fluorescent lighting.  Mr. Thomas advised that LED is about as efficient as fluorescent .   T8 lights provide up to 30,000 hours per bulb.  LED provide up to 10,000 hours per bulb.    There is no difference in the brightness. 

An alarm system was discussed.  Fire, Smoke, and temperature (to monitor any issue with freezing of sprinkler system),were recommended.  The alarm system  would be installed in storage areas as well as public areas.   Security system with intrusion sensors and security cameras should also be installed. After discussion, a vote was taken on installing a sprinkler system.   Installation of a sprinkler system passed by unanimous vote.

George asked about T-1 phone lines.  Doug advised that the T-1 phone line runs right by the library.

Laura asked about having floor outlets installed.  Mr. Thomas advised that floor outlets are expensive and that the carpet wears out quicker around them.  George advised that Littleton High School has furniture with outlets preinstalled.   Roy asked if any furniture has been decided upon and if the committee has a furniture budget.   George recommended that Janet Parker/Littleton Office Supply and Jan Demonas/WB Mason be contacted to assist with furniture selection.

It was asked if the library will become an emergency response center.  It was answered that the library will not be an emergency response center.

With no further business to discuss, Russ made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Gene seconded the motion.  Motion passed by unanimous vote and meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker

Next building committee meeting will be held on November 19th at 7 PM at the Library.

November 19, 2012

Members Present: John Starr, Russ Bonnevie, Bruce Brown, Joyce Tucker, Cheri Compton, Gene Girdwood, Alan Jackson,  Paul Higginson, Doug Harman

Clerk of the Works: George Brodeur

Meeting commenced at 7:01 PM

Bruce made the motion to accept the October minutes as written.  Joyce made the motion to incorporate the corrections George Brodeur made to the minutes.  Gene seconded the motion to approve minutes with George’s corrections.  Vote passed unanimously to accept the corrected minutes.

John and Doug both advised the committee that HTE Northeast Inc is testing the site soils.   The testing determines suitability for building and depth and size of pylons.

John and Doug reviewed the HB Cummings contract with architect Roy Ward and the contract is ok. It will be signed shortly.  Doug advised the building committee that he and John sign the contracts along with the architect (Roy Ward) and select board representative Jerry Blanchard.  That way, all three boards – Library Trustee, Library Building Committee, and Select Board are involved.   In addition, bills are reviewed by George Brodeur before board approval and signature.

The road to the parking lot, dumpster, and the monument plaque (honoring the site as the former Maplehurst/Chase Camp site) were discussed.  Doug advised that it was mentioned in the trustee meeting that access from the parking lot to the meeting room after library hours might be too long a walk for the handicapped.  Some suggestions from the trustees were a ramp from the back parking lot to the meeting room. After discussion, the building committee found that a ramp would have to be a switch back of 10 foot increments due to the steep slope. The ramp distance from parking lot to meeting room would be no shorter than the current design.  The building committee discussed flipping the community room so it would to be closer to the parking lot. After considerable discussion, no motion was made to amend the design to change the location of the community room.   Doug advised that the library generates very little trash and accordingly, would not need a dumpster.  Trash can easily be removed from the premises on a weekly basis.  Gene mentioned that animals (bears) might get into the dumpster and people might use the library dumpster to discard household trash.  Both could become a problem.

John advised that he met with Dan Tucker and John now knows where all 4 corners of the property boundary lie.  Bruce mentioned that some grade stakes should be put up so the committee has a better idea how the building will fit on the lot. 

Cheri asked if the cost of the road going to the parking lot would impact the building project.   John advised that road cost is already included in the plans.   Cheri asked about the number of parking spaces.  George advised that there are 11 spaces and 2 additional handicapped spaces in the top parking lot.  The back parking lot holds 23 spaces.   There are 36 parking spaces total.  

Bruce made the motion that 1. The dumpster and dumpster pad be removed from plan, 2.  Road to parking lot should be kept to the left of the parking lots,  3.  Corner going into back parking lot should be rounded. (Items 2 and 3 are drawn in accordance to Plan AC1 drawn 11/6/2012.) and 4.  The outside plaque be sited in the pile of foundation rocks located in front of the library.  The outside plaque honors the site as being the former location of Chase Golf and Tennis Camp and the Maplehurst  Hotel.   Gene seconded the motion.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Alan asked about changing the plan to allow some windows to open.  George advised that the heating/cooling system would bring in enough fresh air from the outside so windows would not have to open.  John also mentioned that air leakage would be minimized with non-opening windows.  

Cheri asked if the  heating/cooling system would be difficult to operate.  George advised is not difficult to operate. There will be a keyboard available for the library staff to change temperature. 

Joyce asked if a generator is included in the plan.  It isn’t per John.  However, both Bruce and Gene felt that connection to hookup a generator should be included in the building plan.  George will ask the electrical engineer to advise cost of generator hookup.    Joyce asked about the generator only because she was concerned should there be an extended power outage during cold weather that the sprinkler system could freeze and burst causing interior water damage.  George advised that sinks, toilets and other plumbing could burst as well.

Russ asked about the building final cost.  If cost is estimated lower than anticipated, can the size of the building be increased?  John advised that the size of the  building could grow in depth.   

With no further business to discuss, Bruce made the motion to adjourn.  Doug seconded the motion. Motion to adjourn passed by unanimous vote and meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker

 Next meeting will be held on December 17th at 7 PM at the library.

December 17, 2012

Members Present:  Paul Higginson, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, John Starr, Russ Bonnevie, Gene Girdwood, and Joyce Tucker

Meeting commenced at 7 PM.

Minutes from the November meeting were reviewed and accepted with the correction that John Starr does not sign any contracts.  Only Doug Harman (Library Trustee Chairman) and a representative from the select board will sign contracts.

Members reviewed outside schematic and interior design.  General comment about the exterior is that it is plain and members would like to discuss with Roy about making the outside design more attractive. Members do realize that what we reviewed tonight was not the final plan.

Other comments questioned if there are enough electrical outlets and if the library needs to have some floor plugs installed.  The library Lap top computers quite often need to be plugged in because they do not hold a charge well.  (This is due to the frequent usage.)  The problem with furniture that contains electrical outlets is that the furniture cannot be moved or rearranged because the electrical outlet is directly below it.  Another question that arose was if there is enough storage and if a closet could be added to the public meeting/media room.  Lighting (in the event that a bulb needs to be changed) should be accessible enough it can be changed without much difficulty.   The committee agreed after discussion that the library furniture should be part of the building contract.  The librarians will need to draft a list of furniture items (stacks, chairs, tables) that they would like and present it to contractor. 

Doug advised that he will need to present the operational cost of the new library to the Select Board via a warrant article no later than January 28th.  (The town has to accept the building and its operational costs at the March 2013 town meeting vote.)  After discussion, the board decided to hold their next meeting on January 7th at 7 PM in the Library.      Joyce will contact Roy and advise that the operational costs must be ready by January 7th.  The Building Committee and Library Trustees need to present the Select Board and estimate of operational costs so the Select Board can add it to their warrant.

The committee agreed that a public meeting should be held in early February so that the town’s voters can come in and look at the design and ask questions.   Doug mentioned that Roy can have a CD ready to present so people will have an opportunity to electronically walk through the building.

With no further business to discuss, Paul made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:31 PM. Cheri seconded the motion.  Motion to adjourn was approved by unanimous vote.

 Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker 

January 7, 2013

Members Present: Gene Girdwood, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, Joyce Tucker, John Starr, Doug Harman, Russ Bonnevie, Paul Higginson,

Guests present: Roy Ward (Architect), Yeaton Associates: (Wayne Fillion, Roger Thomas), and HP

Cummings (construction manager): Michael Hulbert and Ben Harrington.

Meeting commenced at approximately 7:02 PM.

Joyce advised that she had the same paragraph in twice in the December minutes and has since corrected the minutes removing the duplicate paragraph.  Doug mentioned that he was not included in the members present (but was mentioned several times in the minutes) and minutes should be corrected showing he was present.  Doug Harman made the motion to correct the minutes as amended. Russ seconded the motion.  Motion to accept minutes as corrected was passed by unanimous vote.

HP Cummings (Ben Harrington & Michael Hulbert) and architect Roy Ward presented the board with the estimate on the schematic design for $1,589,054.  After discussion, the board felt this price did not provide for a large enough contingency.  This figure did not include interior timberframe ($209,000), paving the lower parking lot ($66,000), Tongue and grove ceiling and walls ($55,000), 3 Phase Service ($14,300).  Square foot cost for the 6130 building is $259.00.  After discussion, several of the board members expressed their disapproval of the figures and felt the square foot figure was too high.  Removing the community room was discussed and it was decided to leave the community room in the plan.  Reducing the building to 4800 square feet was discussed.   Architect will redesign plan  at 4800 square feet and present a new plan to the building committee.  Lowering the ceiling height, not proceeding with Phase 3 electrical service, not paving the lower parking lot were discussed.  The architect will look at the plan and redesign at 4800 square feet and present to the building committee at a later date.  The plan outside façade was also mentioned and it is hoped that a more attractive exterior design will be presented at the next meeting.

Doug advised that the select board needs a figure for heating and lighting the building. Wayne Fillion of Yeaton Associates advised that based on the 6100 square foot  building, cost would be approximately $1100 per month.  The Select Board needs an approximate figure for their 2014 budget so the funds will be available, if the warrant article is approved.

With no further business to discuss, Doug made the motion to adjourn the meeting at approximately 8:30 PM.  Russ seconded the motion.  Motion to adjourn was unanimously passed. 

Date of next meeting will be scheduled when architect and construction manager have completed a new plan.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Tucker

May 14, 2013

Members Present:  John Starr, Doug Harman, Cheri Compton, Laura Clerkin, George Brodeur, Alan Jackson, Gene Girdwood, Joyce Tucker,

Trustees Present: Peter Roy, Dan Tucker, Ben Woo

Architect: Roy Ward

Construction Manager: Ben Harrington (HP Cummings)

Meeting commenced at 7 PM.

John opened the meeting by asking the construction manager (Ben Harrington) and architect (Roy Ward) how much the library building construction is going to cost.  The building will cost $1,311,369 per the GMP Estimate May 1, 2013 Rev 0.   On the final page of the document there are listed a possible $40,500 in cost savings suggestions.    There may be additional cost savings because Division #7…Exterior Wall Insulation system does not have a final figure, although an additional $15,000 (not firm) was mentioned.  The $1,311,369 does not take into account the proposed $40,500 in savings.

 The construction manager outlined each individual area (example, site work, framing, electrical, plumbing, flooring etc) and each of the low bids.   A 2% contingency was mentioned as being ok.  This contingency would be approximately $30,000. The biggest unknown is the site and once the site has been excavated and prepped, the construction manager and building committee will be in better position to determine if any of the contingency will have to be spent on the site. If the contingency is not needed, it can be back into the building for upgrades.

The total cost for the building, its contents and misc expenses (moving?) is $1.7 M.  To date approximately $95,000 has been spent on building expenses which may be deducted from the $1.7 figure.  This leaves a figure of approximately $1,605.00.  The Jobin Funds contain approximately $1,500,000.  The Friends have approximately $30,000 with grants still pending.  There is $40,000 remaining in the town trust fund.  This leaves an approximate short fall of $35,000.  Doug will ask Treasurer Len Grubbs for the exact amounts in all library building fund accounts.  

John made the motion to go ahead with the project modifications to the GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) and authorize the contractor to proceed with all underground activities.  Gene seconded  the  Motion.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

The Library Trustees will meet on May 16, 2013 at 7 PM in the library to discuss and review the results of the building committee meeting .  If the Trustees approve going ahead with the site work, Doug will contact John and the construction manager, architect and arrange for a construction start date.

Ben Harrington asked about holding ground breaking ceremony.  Laura advised that she will have to speak with the media and will get back to Ben with a date. 

 With no additional business to discuss, Gene made the motion to adjourn at 8:25 PM.  Doug seconded the motion.  Motion to adjourn was approved by unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,

 Joyce Tucker

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